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Spin welding is a friction welding for the joining of round-shaped components.
Friction welding of plastics to obtain stable and long-lasting joints.

  • spin welding device
  • spin welding device and hot-plate welding device
  • spin welding

Spin welding is also known as roto-friction welding. It is exclusively used to weld articles whose joining areas are round-shaped. It is an economic and fast welding technique.

During sping welding the components to weld are in contact with each other from the very beginning of the process. Only one of the components undergoes a rotational movement, produced by a motor. At the same time, the mobile component is subject to a pressure that, together with the movement, creates friction on the component that does not move. The friction between the components generates the heat necessary to melt the thermoplastic material in the joining area. Heat does not come from an external source but is created by the friction of the articles and remains limited to the area to weld. When the melting temperature is reached, the welding is carried out. During the final cooling phase, the articles are still subject to pressure until the welding is completely over.

The speed of the round movement, the intensity of the pressure and the welding time are parameters to be defined depending on the thermoplastic material to weld and to the shape of the articles.

It is possible to roto-friction-weld all plastics. The only difference is, in fact, the shape of the joining area, that must be circular.

The articles that can be spin-welded can be produced by means of injection moulding, extrusion moulding, compression moulding, thermoforming, blow moulding, suction 2D/3D (2k) and rotational moulding.

The industrial field for which GS Finishing Machines supplies the main part of spin welding machineries is the automotive. Among the articles spin-welded by the customized machines of GS Finishing Machines there are the following, listed as an example: flanges of pipes and the outlet connectors of containers.


componente da saldare
componente saldato a rotofrizione
tubo saldato a rotofrizione
spin-welded pipe
spin-welded pipe


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