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Finishing of thermoplastic materials by means of finishing tools. A wide range of machining operations for the heavy and light finishing of plastic articles.


Under the name of tooling are included all operations that use a tool to carry out light and heavy finishing operations.

The finishing operations carried out by the machineries of GS Finishing machines stand out for their quantity and their variety. The operations available cover very different fields of application – they are the following:

  • boring
  • milling
  • drilling with tool
  • shearing
  • punching
  • die cutting
  • cutting
  • deburring
  • cleaning.

The units for the various tooling operations can be customized according to the following parameters: material to finish, shape and technical characteristics of the components to machine, production volume, level of automation and price. Our technicians are at disposal for technical advice from the very initial choice.

The customized machineries for the tooling operations of GS Finishing Machines can be applied in various industrial fields, but the main one remains the automotive industry.

Among the automotive articles machined by us we can name engine clear-air pipes, engine dirty air pipes, ducts for the air-conditioning of the interior compartment, fuel filling pipes, tanks for liquids, oil pan, various other components of the engine compartment and of the interior compartment.

The articles that we can machine can be produced by means of injection moulding, extrusion moulding, compression moulding, thermoforming, blow moulding, suction 2D/3D (2k) and rotational moulding.

See all our tooling operations and discover the application, the characteristics and the strong points of each one of them!

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