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A wide range of tests and checks to verify that the moulded articles have been correctly machined.


Tests and checks are necessary to check that the operations have been carried out by the machineries without errors or that the machined articles have specific qualities that identify them as correctly machined articles.

The range of testing and checking operations that the devices of GS Finishing Machines can carry out is very wide and each process has sub-categories. Tests and checks can be carried out by customized machines or by machineries that carry our also other operations, always in a solution customized to the customer’s need.

The machines of GS Finishing Machines carry out the following tests and checks:

  • dimensional checks
  • presence and position checks
  • electric and electronic tests
  • leak tests
  • functionality tests
  • flow tests
  • endurance tests.

Very often the articles of the automotive and household appliances industry need to undergo various kinds of tests, depending on the function. These are some of the main types of articles tested by GS Finishing Machines:

  • pipes for the suction of clean and dirty air
  • air suction manifolds
  • components of the interior compartment
  • washerbottles
  • tanks for coolant
  • urea tanks
  • fuel tanks
  • filling pipes for tanks
  • pipes for the release of the condensate for automotive air-conditioning systems
  • electrical pumps for  windshield wipers liquid
  • level sensors for liquid
  • non-return valve for liquid
  • non-return valve for release
  • closing caps with pressure-release
  • console
  • light cases
  • automotive pedalboards
  • supports for the steering column
  • locks.


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