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The ideal marking technique for hard and irregular surfaces.
Marking of thermoplastics without ink and without drying time.


The marking with thermo-transfer happens by contact between the component and the marking device, made by a specific adhesive support. It is the best technique to mark hard and irregular surfaces. The marked adhesive support can be transferred to the article automatically.

With the thermo-transfer marking it is possible to transfer variable data. The margins of mistake are reduced, since the data are recalled in real-time during the production. The easy managing of the data makes this marking technique suitable for both high and low production volumes.

Since no liquid ink is used, the marking with thermo-transfer has no drying times. The transfer has good quality and can have high resolution. The data to mark on the article show a good resistance in time and against outer factors.

With thermo-transfer marking it is possible to mark alpha-numeric codes, fixed and variable texts, progressive numbers, production and serial codes, bar codes, 2D matrices, logos and graphic configurations in general.

The articles marked with thermo-transfer can be produced by means of injection moulding, extrusion moulding, compression moulding, thermoforming, blow moulding, suction 2D/3D (2k) and rotational moulding.

Among the components marked with thermo-transfer by the customized machineries of GS Finishing Machines there are the following, listed as an example: tanks, pipes, air conveyors, locks and light cases.



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