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Ink-jet marking of thermoplastics: marking without contact and with different inks.
The technique of deflected drop makes the marking fast and precise.

ink-jet marking

The ink-jet marking happens by means of mechanical devices that codify the ink-jet to print it in micro-fonts.
Ink-jet marking happens without contact between the component to mark and the marking device: the ink contained in the marker is conveyed towards the component by a deflection electrode.

The technique of deflected drop makes the ink-jet marking fast and precise: it is possible to mark multiple lines at high speed and with different degrees of resolution.

With ink-jet marking it is possible to mark alpha-numeric codes, fixed and variable texts, progressive numbers, production and serial codes, bar codes, 2D matrices, logos and graphic configurations in general.

Ink-jet marking can use different kinds of ink: quick-drying inks, coloured inks and alimentary inks, mandatory for marking the packaging for the food industry.

The ink-jet marked articles can be produced by means of injection moulding, extrusion moulding, compression moulding, thermoforming, blow moulding, suction 2D/3D (2k) and rotational moulding.

Among the components ink-jet-marked by the customized machineries of GS Finishing Machines there are the following, listed as an example: tanks, pipes, air conveyors, locks and light cases.



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