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Conforming of the moulded article to a reference sample by cooling.
Cooling in water and with cold air of moulded thermoplastic materials.


During the post-moulding phase the component may need undergo some cooling operations.

The main part of the moulding machines is supplied with a thermo-regulation unit for the moulds, to keep the moulding parameters constant and grant the conformity of the articles to the reference sample. After the moulding, thermoplastics have the tendency to shrink or to get deformed. The cooling of the moulded articles is needed to grant their dimensional stability and the conformity to the reference sample article.

GS Finishing Machines designs and builds customized devices to conform the articles to a reference sample that employ two different techniques:

  • cooling in water
  • cooling with cold air.

 The technique is chosen considering the following factors: material, shape and technical characteristics of the moulded article, quantity to produce, level of automation and price.
Our technicians are at your disposal, from the initial choice, for technical advice.

The cooling devices of GS Finishing Machines are customized on the shape and dimensions of the components: they are applied in various industrial fields, but the main one remains the automotive industry.

Among the automotive articles that are conformed by cooling the following can be listed: clean air pipes and dirty air pipes and components of the engine compartment. Anyway, the cooling process can be carried out on all articles that require it.

Discover the two cooling techniques in detail!

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