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F. A. Q.

GS’s strengths are:

  1. Ability to create compact finishing equipment on which you can install many work units thanks to careful design work.
  2. Standard & custom solutions that allow for rapid amortization of investments.
  3. Reducing costs and construction times (including supply) thanks to the standard structure of the machinery.
  4. Ergonomic machines made of high-quality, durable and energy-efficient materials, thanks to a design that is attentive to energy savings and the correct sizing of components.
  5. Remote tele-assistance on the machine operating system.
  • Welding
  • Tool work
  • Assembly
  • Marking
  • Conforming
  • Tests and controls
  • Type of material of the parts to weld;
  • 3D Data (.step format) and technical specifications of the parts;
  • Cycle time;
  • Production volume (pcs. /year);
  • Date by when to receive the offer.
  • ABS acrilonitrile-butadiene-stirene
  • ASA acrilonitrile-stirene-acrilestere
  • CA acetato di cellulosa
  • EPDM etilene-propilene-diene
  • EVA etilene-vinilacetato
  • LCP liquid-cristalline-polimer
  • PA 12 poliammide 12
  • PA 6 poliammide 6
  • PA 66 poliammide 66
  • PBT – PET polibutilentereftalato – polietilentereftalato
  • PC policarbonato
  • PEBA poliestere ammide a blocchi
  • PE-HD – HMV polietilene ad alta densita ed altissima densita
  • PE-LD polietilene a bassa densita
  • PEK – PEEK polietere-ketone
  • PMMA polimetilmetacrilato
  • POM poliossimetilene – resina acetalica
  • PP polipropilene
  • PPE – polifenilenetere
  • PPO – polifelinossido
  • PPS polifenilensulfuro
  • PPSU polifenilensulfone
  • PS -HIPS polistirene – anti urto
  • PSU polisulfone
  • PTFE politetrafluoroetilene
  • PUR poliuretano
  • PVC cloruro di polivinile
  • PVDF polivinildenfluoruro
  • SAN stireneacrilonitrile
  • TPE – TPO elastomero termoplastico
  • Tutti i materiali caricati vetro GF in diverse percentuali

IR welding QUALITY is potentially better because no carbon residues on the plate is deposited, which over time if not removed could affect welding quality. In addition, the absence of carbon residues ensures the repeatability of the process and the continuity of the welding quality.The cost is half the cost of the solutions proposed by the infrared welder (our competitors).

Items must be ALWAYS repeatable with a tolerance of 0.2 mm.

Welding surfaces must be regular: The system is created to weld injection pieces but CAN BE APPLICATION to the blows if they are guaranteed their repeatability (f.ex. if the thicknesses are brought in tolerance with recovery restoration operations).

Many of the items (tubes and tanks) that we weld can currently only be welded to hot plate for this reason! (irregular/particular surfaces).

It is a standard machine that allows you to weld items using 3 different welding methods in a single compact machine with a clean and ergonomic design:

Hot plate welding, localized infrared welding and round-friction welding.

In less than 15 minutes you can change the custom device and therefore vary its welding technique with extreme ease, a huge advantage to manage multiple production processes in the shortest time possible with the same machine

With the new Trivalent it offers the ability to opt for 3 different welding modes with a rapid depreciation of investments.

We identify the problem via remote access to the machine’s operating system and resolve it from our location.

In addition, on each machine you can install the GS CONNECT 4.0 function for a complete interaction between user and machine, in order to prevent all possible criticalities and have a corrective plan in advance.

GS CONNECT 4.0 is the function that allows you to interact remotely with our machines through computers, notebooks, smartphones and tablets. It is possible to change any value or setting quickly and intuitively, as if we were in front of the operator interface panel of the machine itself. The operation is made possible by the installation of a module for the link ‘GS Connect’ and specific software packages.

We identify the problem through remote access to the machine and resolve it from our location. As for telephone support, our technicians will support the production of the customer company whenever it is needed. As for on-site operations, regardless of location, our employees will always be on hand for maintenance and repair.

Our machines are made from high-quality materials, durable over time and possibly reusable work units.They are ergonomic and low energy thanks to a design that is attentive to energy savings and the correct sizing of components.Standard & custom solutions that allow for rapid amortization of investments.Thanks to the standard structure of the machinery, it is possible to have a significant reduction in costs and construction time.

Yes, we have been doing everything internally for 30 years, from designing to commissioning our thermoplastic finishing machines.

An equipment is the unit of work, made with aluminium details, to be installed in the standard machine in order to perform the finishing operation(s) on the item(s) to be worked on. The custom equipment of GS Finishing Machines is designed to the geometric and dimensional specifications of the components to be processed. Depending on the finishing operations performed, they are mounted on standard interchangeable equipment.

The required finishing devices are properly customized, in the solution that best suits the technical, production and cost needs of the customer.

The equipment performs the ad hoc finish of printed items by injection, extrusion, compression, thermophore, blowing, suction 2D/3D (2k) and by rotating..

Yes, we provide the machinery of ours. to produce samples and test the components to be processed. In addition, we build prototypes both to improve the quality of the finishing processes already tested and to anticipate the finishing needs that may arise in the future.

Yes, in case of unexpected or less pleasant production spikes our machines can be rented for as long as necessary.

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