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Dear User, in accordance with the obligations laid down by the European Privacy Regulation UE/2016/679 (GDPR) and the D.Igs n. 196 of the 30th of June 2003 (personal data protection code) we hereby inform you about the fact that this Website uses cookies to log into the website faster, improving your browsing experience.

In other words, your personal data might be collected and processed using cookies, which are small text files that can be installed and archived in your computer (or mobile device) in order to improve the website’s functions.

In any case the use of these technologies will be carried out with due regard to the privacy regulations in force; it will be deployed in accordance with the principles of fairness, lawfulness and transparency and carried out with due regard to the principles of relevance, completeness and moderation. The data will be collected and recorded only for the following purposes and will be stored for a period not exceeding the time needed to the supply of services and, in any case, not exceeding ten years from the data collection.

Therefore, as provided for in Article 13) of the European Privacy Regulation UE/2016/679 (GDPR) and the D.Igs. 196/03, we inform you that:

a) During the browsing and the use of the website, it will be possible to use the following cookies types:

-“Essential Cookie”: technical cookies, necessary to let you browse or use the website’s functions; without these cookies, indeed, we will be not able to     provide some services or functions that could make the browsing and the use easier and more user-friendly;

-“Performance Cookie or Analytics Cookie”: technical cookies that gather information regarding the website, in order to enable us to improve the       functioning (for example the pages more frequently visited, etc.)

-“Functionality Cookie”: technical cookies, that allow to remember the choices you made and the products/services requested or purchased; these     cookies allow us to design and deliver services increasingly advanced and customized (for example the customization of a certain page).

Furthermore, we let you know that for the installation and the use of “Targeting or Advertising Cookies” it is necessary to obtain your preventive and informed consent. For this reason, in case of use of “Targeting or Advertising Cookies”, at the moment you will access the website a brief report will be submitted that will explain which ‘third parties cookies’ can be used and that the browsing through the access in a website’s area , or the selection of any element (for example an image or link), can continue implies giving if the consent to use these cookies is given. In this brief report, moreover, you will find the link to this report that provides in details the indications to use the cookies and the procedures to deny the consent to the installation or to choose which specific cookies to authorize.

b) the processing of those personal data collected through these cookies will be carried out in an entirely automatic manner. In case of using cookies in automatic decisional processes, we inform you that you have the right not to be subjected to a decision based exclusively on an automatic treatment and therefore you will be able to ask and obtain the human intervention from the controller in any moment, express your own opinion and challenge the final decision. The processing will be carried out with the use of electronic, computerized and telematics instruments suitable to guarantee the security and the privacy of the same data as provided for in Article 32) of the European Privacy regulation UE/2016/679 (GDPR) and in article 319 of the D.Igs. 196/03 on “adequate security measures”, and in Article 33) of the D.lgs. 196/03 on “minimum security measures”. Anyway, in carrying out the processing operations, all the technical, computerized, organizational, logistical and procedural security measures, as contained in the Annex B of the D. lgs 196/03, will be respected so that the minimum level of personal data protection required by the law is ensured. The aforementioned methodologies, applied for the processing, will guarantee the access to data only to the subjects specified at point d).

c) The provision and the processing of collected data with Essential Cookies, Performance Cookies, Analytics Cookie and Functionality Cookies, are optional but necessary for a correct configuration, management and use of the website. A potential refusal, albeit rightful, to accept these cookies could lead to the inability to carry out the normal browsing or the correct use of on-line services. The provision and the processing of the collected data with the “Targeting or Advertising Cookies” are optional and they require your preventive consent.

d) The subjects or the subjects’ categories which may become informed about data or to whom data may be communicated are the employees and collaborators of the controller GS Finishing Machines Srl, specifically hired for this purpose.

e) Personal data can be also published but only in aggregated form, in anonymous form or for statistical purposes. Furthermore, personal data can be communicated to Public Institutions, Law Enforcement or others Public or Private Subjects, but only for the purpose of fulfilling legal obligations or EU regulations. These data will not be communicated to other subjects beside those provided for in this report.

f) For the website management, “Targeting or Advertising Cookies of third parties” can be used too. Therefore, advertisers and other subjects may use these cookies to gather information about on-line activities or about displayed advertisement or with which there has been an on-line interaction. Such information may be used by these subjects to submit focused advertisement based on interests during the browsing or to check the on-line advertisement’s efficiency. Considering these cookies are installed and directly managed by third parties and their conditions of use may be modified over time without any precautionary communication towards us, it is not possible to verify the accuracy and the lawfulness of their use. For this reason the websites links of third parties to which you can refer for the management of respective cookies, are reported below:

Google Analyticshttps://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/analyticsjs

g) At any time, you can refuse to accept cookies simply by selecting on your browser the settings that allow you to refuse them. The information regarding the procedures to disable the cookies can be found on the website of the browser’s supplier. For the sake of simplicity we attach the links of the main browser suppliers on the marketplace:

Chrome: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=it


Internet Explorerhttp://www.microsoft.com/privacystatement/it-IT/core/default.aspx

Opera: http://www.opera.com/help/tutorials/security/privacy

Safari: https://support.apple.com/kb/PH21411?locale=it_IT&viewlocale=it_IT

In any case you will be able to delete the cookies from your computer’s hard-disk at any time. Remember that, if the cookies are disabled, not all website’s functions will be available.

h) The processed data cannot be processed and transferred for the purposes in point c) and according to point b), to subjects that are located in other EU countries or Extra EU countries.

i) In any case, you can ask for the copy of the controller’s personal data, information regarding the type of cookies that have been used and the location in which your personal data are placed, in every moment. You can freely revoke the given consent without any obligation and prejudice for the lawfulness of the treatments carried out until then, and exercise the following rights of the person involved towards the controller, in accordance with the European Privacy Regulation UE/2016/679 and the D.lgs. 196/03 : – Access and information; – Correction; – Cancellation; – Restriction of processing; -Objection; – Portability; – Complaint to the guarantor.


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